Saturday, 13 February 2016

Tips On How To Identify A Suicide Bomber Pls Share


He’s a young man or male disguised as a woman and young girls as recently discovered to be Boko Haram’s new strategy, sweating profusely, looking around furtively, carrying a rucksack or wearing bulky clothing. She/he might be from an ethnic minority – but not necessarily. This, according to security specialists, is the most likely profile of a suicide bomber.

Experts say that a potential bomber may lick his lips, appear nervous and have shaved all his body. He may be wearing clothing inappropriate for the weather and be thrusting his hands into his pockets. If he is carrying a bag, he may be checking it. He may also wear a baseball cap or other headwear that would obscure his face from closed circuit television.

Wears loose clothing giving the impression that the body is disproportionately larger than the head or feet.

Wears heavy clothing, no matter what the season (out so season dress)

Has unusual gait, a “robotic” walk. Stiff movements, lack of mobility of lower torso or decreased flexibility (from wearing bomb device – however backpacks are increasingly common.

Display of tunnel vision. The bomber often will be fixated on the target and appear nervous, preoccupied, or have a blank stare.

He or she appears to be focused and vigilant and may be fervently praying to him/herself – giving the appearance of whispering to someone.

Displays no response to authoritative voice or direct salutation.
Behavior which may be consistent with no future – unconcerned about receiving purchases or change.

Walk with deliberation – but not running – towards a visible objective.

Demonstrates forceful actions (to reach a desired target by pushing their way through a crowd or into a restricted area)

Displays signs of drug use – including, for example, enlarged pupils, fixed stare, and erratic behavior.

Carries bags or backpacks (used to carry explosives, nails, and other shrapnel). The bomber generally holds his or her bag or backpack tighly. Wires sticking out of the bag.

Has a fresh shave – a male with a fresh shave and lighter skin on his lower face. May also have shaved his or her head or have a short haircut (This may be done to disguise appearance or to be better groomed when going to paradise).

May smell of unusual herbal/flower water (in order to smell better when going to paradise).

Has a hand in the pocket or tightly gripping something like a triggering device.

Shows evasive movements.

No age limit.

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