Monday, 22 February 2016

Mad Mother Chokes Eleven Year-Old Son For Fighting Her

This past Valentine, a mother choked her eleven-year-old son for fighting her in an attempt to stop her from abandoning his two-year-old sibling outside in the snow.

The weather was fifteen degrees with six inches snow on the ground that day. The little boy was tackled by his mother as she put her hands around his neck in an attempt to choke him.  He was trying to protect his baby sister after their mother said she no longer wanted the girl and was going to leave the child outside in the cold.

Heather Michelle Hall, 35, was intoxicated on the fateful day as she repeatedly said ‘I do not want her anymore’ according to police officers who arrived at the scene after a 911 call.

Responding officer, Micheal Jordan wrote in Hall’s arrest affidavit:

“I heard Heather state three times while crying, ‘I don’t want her anymore!’ The statement was referencing (the toddler), who was in the room and (who) Heather was looking toward while making the statements”.

According to YorkDispatch:

Officers learned Hall told her son she no longer wanted his little sister and planned to put the toddler outside, documents state. At the time, it was 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside and there were 6 inches of snow on the ground, according to police.

When the boy blocked a hallway to stop her, Hall grabbed him by the throat until he couldn’t breathe, leaving a red mark on his neck that was 3 inches long and a half-inch wide.

The son then tried to grab a blanket but was tackled by his mother.

The boy explained he grabbed the blanket in case Hall did put the toddler outside, “so I could cover us until you got here,” according to documents.


Not every woman should have children. Especially if you do not really want them. They are not trophies, they are human too.

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