Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Laugh It Off: How To Survive On 20k Or Less In A Month

With the prevailing economic situation in this country, we have companies paying 20k or less than that as salaries, and even the mininum wage is pegged at 18k by the government for civil servants,

So the question is ,how do you survive and pay your bills earning 20k or less?,
Here is how you do it hungryboy style,
Step 1- stock up on foodstuffs,
Below is a latest foodstuff and price list i just drew up for this month.

Garri -1500(at 7 cups for 100 =105 cups)

Beans- 2000(hausa men sell at 40naira per cup =50cups)

Rice= 2400(at 60naira per cup=40cups)

Yam= 2000
Kerosene= 10 litres(could cost 1k or less)

Palm oil=400naira
Maggi= 100naira
Salt= 50naira
Other foodstuffs(crayfish, melon, okra, fish etc) = 3k

Total = 11,550naira,

Other Bills 
If you are a super saver, the best phone for you is a Nokia torchlight, china version, it cost 1200, and e dey play radio without earpiece, you no even need put the phone for speaker when you answer calls, cos it's always on speaker, and you have no need to subscribe data,
So money saved,
If you love browsing,
the best advice i'll give you is to get a cheap java phone that browses,
I use one and it cost less than 1k to subscribe data per month, and i always off images while browsing, so that my data no go quick finish.

Load 500 worth of recharge card in a month for important calls, and if pesin flash you no call am confirm who him be, if him get serious thing to tell you, him go load card call you,
No too like to call your girlfriend, just dey send am text ask am say, where and when can we see?
Drink garri and salt some days either as breakfast or as supper, if you are feeling rich, you fit buy sugar and groundnut join am.

By- Hungryboy

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