Monday, 1 February 2016

Incredible: Video Shows Dutch Police Training Eagle to take down Drone Aircraft in mid-air

From radio jamming to robots with nets, many ideas have been tested to down drones snooping where they shouldn't be.But the Dutch National Police is taking a less technological approach to enforcing drone laws.

A video reveals it is training eagles to catch the menacing machines in mid-air, taking them down in one fell swoop.

Mark Wiebe, innovation manager of the National Unit of the police, said drone use is becoming more common, with people using them to take photographs, for example.

But they can be dangerous if they fall from the sky above crowds of people. Drones with built-in cameras also pose privacy risks.
'There are situations in which drones are not allowed to fly. This has almost always to do with security,' he added.

Paris was placed on alert last February after five drones were spotted flying around city landmarks including the Eiffel Tower.

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