Sunday, 31 January 2016

Father-of-one is so addicted to cereals he eats 13 bowls and tops them off with 138 spoons of sugar every DAY

Phillip Patrick munches a staggering 13 bowls of cereal a day - onto which he lumps almost 140 spoons of sugar

A Father of one is pleading for help to overcome his addiction - to cereal.
The 19-year-old had a healthy and varied diet until he left home three years ago.

Phillip, from Worcester, with his girlfriend Sophie Richold, 19, and son Tyler Patrick-Richold. Phillip - who has eaten an estimated 14,235 bowls in three years - devours six boxes of cereal and 15 pints of milk a week

That's when the quality of his eating went quickly downhill, leaving him a terribly lazy diner.
Now the father-of-one only eats cereal - mostly Weetabix and cornflakes - topped with an enormous pile of sugar, scheduling his binges around his favourite TV programmes.

Phillip - who has eaten an estimated 14,235 bowls in three years - devours six boxes of cereal and 15 pints of milk a week.His weight has soared by four stones in the past three years to an unhealthy 15 stone.

And his bizarre diet has left him with barely enough energy to walk up the stairs and he can't go out for dinner or eat meals with his family.

His addiction has already cost him his job in a local pub as he found it impossible to stand up all day.
And experts have warned it could cause him to develop cancer or heart disease.
Phillip said: 'I know I'm still young but I'm not getting any younger and I need to be better for my son.

'I used to be quite an active lad, playing football, cycling and running, but now I've got no energy. I struggle to walk up the stairs because I'm so out of breath.

'It has become a habit now. It's part of my daily lifestyle. I've been doing it every day for three years.

'I'm usually quite a patient person, and when I have sugar and cereal I'm quite happy.
'But in between bowls or if I can't have it I can be very, very moody.
'I need help to get my life back.'

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